Major construction examples

The Japanese castles create beautiful lines that can be referred to as fine art of and in themselves, and they have the ishigaki (stone wall) as their foundation.
It is simply incredible that in the country known for earthquakes and water damages, the stone walls have stood the elements for centuries and kept their dignified and majestic appearance.
Those who made this marvel possible were our senior masters the Anoushu (Anou-group).

Azuchi castle (Azuchi)
Kushizaki castle (Shimonoseki)
Otsu City History Museum (Otsu)
Hikone castle (Hikone)
Shiga prefectureLake Biwa
Environmental Research Center (Otsu)
Mount Hiei Main Temple Building
stone wall (Otsu)
Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine (near Sambashi)
Shiga University circular moat stone wall